Brave New World

Ohio University 1804 logo with augmentative and alternative communication above

I was a self taught coder of html back in the 90s.  I learned mostly to find a platform for trying out different AAC interfaces.  I valued those skills and enjoyed coding in simple text editing programs.

When I started at Ohio University, I decided to make a page for myself and then for my lab with pretty basic code that would be highly accessible, but still represent a personal touch.  For me, making a page was also an advertisement of my skills.

It’s that last sentence that leads me to where I am now… There is a whole new world of interactivity in websites that I want to be a part of.  Although I’ve read about this, much like in the 90s, I will learn by doing.  This leads me to the sentence I am currently writing and to what I hope will be may sentences in the future.

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